Introducing Tom Pitts

I am happy to announce the arrival of Tom Pitts, who is joining the TFFO team as assistant editor. Tom will be helping read submissions, firing off the occasional e-mail, and maybe even bringing e-donuts to the e-office on humpday. You’ve probably seen the name. Tom’s stories have been popping up like crazy lately. You can find his gritty tales of urban wanderlust everywhere from Shotgun Honey to Twist of Noir, and his novella, Piggyback, has just been picked up by Snubnose Press for publication later this year. Plus, since he used to actually live on the streets, he knows a thing or two about the crooked cops and junkie scum so many of you write about (so don’t try to fudge!). Please join me in welcoming Tom on board. Now we’ll be able to get through your submissions twice as fast (in theory).

See how friendly Tom is?
Let’s see what you’ve got. There's a new Mission Statement up on our Guidelines page. Check it out. It outlines exactly what we're looking for, with all the secret tricks you need to know to get in. When you’re submitting, feel free to address either one of us in your cover letter. And don’t be afraid to say hi. We’re both friendly as hell. (And if you get bad news, it was probably the other guy’s fault.)

Good luck & keep writing!

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