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Topless Pulp Fiction

By Paul Rubens - Out of the Gutter Online Nudity Editor

Two pulp fiction aficionados reading or something. 
In a major breakthrough for pulp fiction fans everywhere, Hard Case Crime has acquired a group of female fans who read HCC books not only in the nude, but in broad daylight, in central park, New York.

Dispatched by Out of the Gutter Online to get the scoop, I headed out to Central Park on a fine spring midday to ask the young ladies where the idea came from, if they felt at all self-conscious, and... uh...something else that didn't have to do with tits.

Being that it was a noir-related asignment, I was sure to wear my classic Bogey trench coat as well as a fedora, and, just for effect, some cool sunglasses. The weird thing is, I was so caught up thinking about the trenchcoat, etc., that I forgot to put on my pants. And my underwear. Can you imagine it?

About the time I arrived at Central Park I realized my mistake and I knew I could not touch interview these fine and upstanding young mammaries ladies. I was forced to remain in the shrubbery, a few yards off, and do my best to get the entire story.
A portrait of a charter member of the
club enjoying a modern pulp classic.

The weirdest thing then happened: There must be an epidemic of epilepsy among Central Park squirrels, because some of them seemed to have begun having seizures right in the shrubbery I had hid myself behind. The shaking shrubbery attracted the attention of a large policeman, and the next I knew, I was being chased from my assignment, and worse, having words like "pervert" and "scumbag" screamed at me. The extent of the follies and misunderstandings were appalling.

Although I was never able to conduct a formal interview, I plan to visit the Outdoor Coed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society website 30 to 40 times a day, and admire their perky, upright, forthcoming personalities in person, from a safe distance, as often as I can.

Anyone interested in starting a nude Out of the Gutter reading group, please contact the editor for my home telephone number. I will personally deliver the reading material and aid in any way I can, including hosting events in my apartment, taking pictures, rubbing in sunblock, hosting sleepovers, relationship counseling complete with hugs, wrestling lessons, and free non-medical exams.