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Brit Grit Alley features news and updates on what's happening down British crime fiction's booze and blood soaked alleyways.

By Paul D. Brazill

Dzien dobry! A quick round up of some of the latest Brit Grit news: Col Bury has started a new feature at his blog called Chewing The Fat. If you pop over here, you'll find him having a natter with Richard Godwin and A J Hayes, dahn London ... Nigel Bird's brilliant novella Smoke has been given an overhaul and has now been published by the smashing Blasted Heath. Find out all about it here ... the prolific Chris Leek has a tasty new story called The Legend Of Johhny Kool here at Out Of The Gutter Online ... I interview thriller writer J T Brannan over at my gaff ... Colin Graham hangs around Warsaw's gay friendly clubs ... and the splendid comic crime writer Andrew Peters - 'the Welsh Kinky Friedman'- gives us A Case For The Blues Detective ... Leon Steelgrave's new collection, Phantasmagoria, is out now... Zoe Sharp talks about flying, over at The Hardboiled Collective blog. And there's more ...
But the big news down Brit Grit Alley this week is the publication of Off The Record 2 - At The Movies - A Charity Anthology which I sort of helped Luca Veste put together. The anthology has a fantastic cover from Steve Miscandlon. Here's the blurb: ' 47 short stories, based on classic film titles...

Following the Spinetingler award nominated 'Off The Record', the charity anthology featuring stories based on classic song titles, comes the highly anticipated sequel.

This time, inspiration arrives in the form of classic film titles. With an introduction penned by Chris Ewan and featuring some of biggest and brightest names writing today including...

Will Carver, Steve Mosby, Helen FitzGerald, Adrian McKinty, Matt Hilton, Stav Sherez, Claire McGowan, Sean Cregan, David Jackson, Mel Sherratt, Nick Quantrill, Maxim Jakubowski, and many, many more...

47 writers from around the world. All coming together to raise money for two children's literacy charities...

In the UK, National Literacy Trust.

In the US, Children's Literacy Initiative.

From Crime to Fantasy, Taxi Driver to Weekend at Bernie's, there's something for everyone in this collection of 47 short stories.

And all proceeds from the sales of this anthology go directly to charity!"

The quality on show is incredible (a complete list is at the bottom of this post), with everyone involved bringing their best to the table, to create something which has exceeded even my own expectations.

So, go buy, do something good today. Raise money for the kids, and read some spectacular fiction.


Introduction by Chris Ewan

Will Carver – Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Sub-humanoid Zombified Living Dead. Part 2 – in Shocking 2-D
Steve Mosby – 9 Songs
Claire McGowan – The Postman Always Rings Twice
David Jackson – The Time Machine
Luca Veste - Goodfellas
Matt Hilton – How The West Was Won
Nick Quantrill – Get Carter
McDroll – Gregory’s Girl
Col Bury – Eyes Wide Shut
Steven Miscandlon – Night of the Living Dead
AJ Hayes – Dead Man
Eric Beetner – The Graduate
Ian Ayris – Unforgiven
Gill Hoffs – Kiki’s Delivery Service
Pete Sortwell – Apt Pupil
Allan Watson – Memphis Belle
Benoit Lelièvre – Weekend at Bernie’s
Paul D. Brazill – Silver Dream Racer
Steven Porter – Taxi Driver
Keith B Walters – Don’t Look Now
Graham Smith – Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
Court Merrigan – Natural Born Killers
Erik Arneson – American Beauty
Steve Weddle – The Window
Eva Dolan – The Conversation
James Everington – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)
Adrian McKinty – From Here to Eternity
Maxim Jakubowski – Vertigo
Victoria Watson – The Piano
RJ Barker – Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus
K.A. Laity – The Bride with White Hair
SJI Holliday – Pretty Woman
Christopher Black – Un Chien Andalou
Richard Godwin – Once Upon a Time in the West
Darren Sant – Devil’s Advocate
Chris Rhatigan – Jaws
R Thomas Brown – Lost Highway
Tracey Edges – Memento
Mel Sherratt – Dead Man Walking
Patti Abbott – Mermaids
Andrez Bergen – Victor Victoria
Stuart Ayris – In the Heat of the Night
Vincent Holland-Keen – The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Sean Cregan – The City of Lost Children
Cath Bore – Every Girl Should be Married
Stav Sherez – Bringing Up Baby
Helen FitzGerald – The Life of Brian. '
See you soon, same Brit Grit Time, same Brit Grit Channel.

Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D. Brazill has had bits and bobs of short fiction published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books Of Best British Crime 8 and 10,and he has edited the anthologies True Brit Grit & Off The Record 2– with Luca Veste - and Drunk On The Moon. His short ebook collections 13 Shots Of Noir and Snapshots are out now, and his novellas The Gumshoe and Guns Of Brixton will be out pretty soon. His blog is here.