Good God...How did these people ever graduate from high school?

This election cycle has vexed Girl in the Gutter. It's not just the relentless attacks on women's reproductive rights that have her down. (And honestly, if she wouldn't let you stick your penis in her lady parts, what makes you think she's willing to let you stick your nose in any other portion of her anatomy?) It's not just the realization that she pays a higher percentage of taxes than the Republican nominee for President of the United States either because everyone she knows is in the same tax bracket. (And yet oddly, she and her friends are not considered real Americans because they don't qualify for a massive tax cut meant for the super rich.)

No, what has GitG down at the mouth is the sudden onslaught of what one might charitably refer to as "misinformed comments about science" or as she likes to call them, "the rantings of under-medicated lunatics" who probably can't even spell the word 'science.' "
Take Paul Broun.
This is what an ignoramus looks like.
And she really means that.

Take him somewhere where he is far, far, far away from any communications device. And leave him there. (Rural Alaskais probably quite pleasant this time of year.)

In case you don't know, Rep. Paul Broun.

Broun is a Republican Congressman from Georgia who serves on the House Science Committee.  He believes that evolution, embryology and the Big Bang theory are "lies from the pit of hell." And you know, Broun has a perfect right to believe what he likes because the freedom to believe any idiotic notion is actually built into the American constitution. What's jaw-droppingly stunning about the statement is that Broun is an M.D. That means he somehow earned enough decent grades in biology (where you are taught about the theory of evolution and the basics of embryology) to get accepted to medical school.
Has he forgotten everything he learned?

Or did he take the "theory" part of evolution way too seriously.

In most years, if a Congressman spouted off a bunch of errant nonsense, it would really only affect his or her constituency. But this year, with Congressman Broun's colleague Todd Akin spouting off about the biology of magical birth control in the case of rape, it just feels like another toxic spill of ignorance threatening an educational system already under attack.

Where GitG went to high school, a student denying the Big Bang theory was credible might have passed physics but someon who claimed the scientists who imagined such a theory were hornswoggled by Satan himself would have been mocked unmercifully.
And would have never have gotten laid.

Because smart is sexy and dumb is so not.