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Out of the Gutter Online is proud to offer our exciting new feature, "Friday Flicks," in which we scour Youtube and bring you the most compelling videos on the web. This week: Cops caught by security cameras being, well, psychos.

 You can't bust me, I'm a cop. You're under arrest. No, you're under arrest. Tell you what: leave me alone and I'll arrest myself, okay, fuckface? See you later . . . wait, ow, fuck . . . 

Admit it, you wish you had the balls to respond this way when a cop's getting ready to write you another goddamned ticket. This guy is a mall cop and he can't believe a fellow brother in blue is going to cite him - so he beats the living shit out of the guy.

You know what I hate, Jimbo? Fucking labradoodles. Here comes one now. Oh, you want to lick my face, Bruiser-old-boy? Sure . . . closer . . . closer . . . BAM! Don't worry, I do this all the time. I'll just plant this .38 and this bag of coke on Bruiser here. What? Someone has a security camera capturing this? Oh shit.... 

That's all, kids. Tune in next week for more insanity and in the meantime order your copy of Out of the Gutter 8. Those bastards at Amazon can't be out of stock forever and the Kindle version is always in stock.