Review: Theo and Fat Terry by Brian Panowich

Chris Leek
Independent Reviewer

Brian Panowich’s short fiction has graced the pages of some notable online establishments of late. If you have read his work you will understand why dropping a dollar on this small, but beautifully formed novella, or if you prefer novelette, was a real no brainer for me.
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Theo & Fat Terry are on a mission to make the world a better place. These modern day Robin Hoods are planning on giving a little something back to the poor and the needy.

Our two would-be local heroes take off on a half baked road trip through the strip malls of East Georgia, leaving a trail of righteous destruction and a pattern that even the dumbest cop couldn’t fail to notice.  
Fat Terry isn’t all that fat and neither of these boys could be called the sharpest tool in the box. But smarts don’t matter if you have good intentions and a trunk load of C4 explosives. Sometimes in order to right a few wrongs, you have to blow some shit up.

This short novella punches way above its weight and delivers some first class entertainment with a knockout combination of black comedy and crime fiction. You won’t find two more likable losers than Terry and Theo. The conversation really sparkles as these two wise ass characters bounce off each other's cheap shots and one liners. Their discussion about who is the hottest Muppet had me laughing out loud and this alone is worthy of the price on the cover. Add to it the damn fine writing of Brian Panowich and you have yourself a real winner.

This book may not change your life, but I guarantee it will make it better for half an hour or so. In this tough economy Theo and Fat Terry is possibly the most fun you can have for under a buck that allows you to keep your clothes on and your reputation intact; although Mr. Sayles may be pleased to note that the wearing of pants is left entirely to the reader’s discretion.

Theo and Fat Terry is a solid blast and it has an excellent fart joke, so what the hell are you waiting for people?