2012: The Year In Review...late, of course

Late, but still incredible. The year in review edition. I asked all the dudes I interviewed in 2012 for updates going into the New Year. Eventually all of them (*ahem, Court Merrigan) got back to me except Brian Panowich. So I just made up what he’s doing as of right now. Except it’s all true. Without further ado, here they are:

Joe Clifford:
Yup, two books: Wake the Undertaker (Snubnose); Junkie Love (Vagabondage Press).  Also shopping my latest novel, Lamentation, to agents.  What else?  Oh, yeah.  My penis inexplicably grew 7 (more) inches.”

Chris F. Holm:
Since my interview went live, I've spent most of the time since mine in my doomsday bunker, peeling labels off of canned goods to make my post-Apocalypse meals more exciting and arranging my toenail clippings by size, but I probably also have a writing thing or two to mention. I've been elbow-deep in the muck and filth that is writing the new Collector novel, THE BIG REAP, set for release in July of 2013. It's got a pretty kickass cover, which you can see here. (http://chrisfholm.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-big-reap-cover-reveal.html) Here's hoping the book lives up.

I also hit the road this fall to pimp my stuff, with stops at B'con, QuebeCrime, and Murder and Mayhem in Muskego. At B'con, a cockroach fell from a ceiling vent during my panel and folks who read THE WRONG GOODBYE full-on freaked. At QuebeCrime, they locked me in a dungeon for a while. And in Muskego, I interviewed Jeff Lyndsay (of Dexter fame) and tried not to lose my shit hanging in the green room with George freakin' Pelecanos.

Other than that, I had a story in the Muskego anthology (
http://www.amazon.com/dp/193749537X/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_BHxLqb10XQ6D7) and I've got another coming out in Ellery Queen sometime soon (yeah, I can't believe they keep inviting me back, either.) So I guess what I'm saying is WHO'S LAZY NOW, DAD?”

Richard Thomas:
My story "Surrender" will be in the Booked Podcast anthology, and my story "Dance, Darling" will be in the Thunderdome anthology, Cipher Sisters. Both out in 2013.”

Brian Panowich:
“I’m too busy chasing cows through a pasture with my boner to be writing right now. Thanks for nothing.”

(EDITORIAL NOTE) Brian is also pimping his zombie split with me, entitled C’mon And Do The Apocalypse. It’s up at Amazon. Get it here. We’ve got more in store, including a second zombie volume and a Science Fiction volume. Watch for them throughout the year.

Tom Pitts:
Is this like one of those Christmas letters that families send out to show off how awesome they are, brag about which son is becoming a doctor and how long they spent on vacation in Europe?

Okay, here it goes.

I'm still sitting on my sleazy masterpiece, Hustle. A novel about two drug-addicted gay hustlers in San Francisco. It's epic and will take the publishing world by storm as soon as someone has balls enough to put it out.

I'm wrangling an agent, but for fear of jinxing myself have decided not to say too much more about that. 

I've got stories coming out in four, count 'em four, anthologies. All Due Respect, Near to the Knuckle, Otto Penzler's Kwik Krimes, and charity anthology, Shock and Appall. 

But what's really on the front burner for the New Year is writing another novel. What's it about? How long will it be or how long will it take to write? I don't know. I just know that I've got something big and meaty on the horizon and I can't wait to dig in and get it moving. 

How's that? You want more details, contact my attorney.”

Eric Beetner:
“Let's see here, Always working on something new. I recently finished a novel that is out on submission called The Year I Died Seven Times. I'm currently working on the sequel to The Devil Doesn't Want Me.
I've contemplated doing an indie release for my novel Criminal Economics, but that is still an in-the-works development. 

I have stories coming out in Beat To A Pulp: Hardboiled Vol 2, Crime Factory Presents: Lee, one called Hoods, HotRods and Hellcats and another one called Pulse Fiction. I'm thinking of organizing an anthology myself but I haven't pulled the trigger yet so if i keep mentioning it in public it might shame me into doing it.

I have a few books with covers I designed coming out from Snubnose Press and others including the first All Due Respect anthology and the aforementioned Crime Factory collection Lee.
And oh, 2013 will bring many more novels at least to my hard drive. Whether anyone wants to put them out is another story.

I've been on quite a tear this fall/winter so if I keep going at this pace I'll knock out five novels in 2013. Then I'll keel over dead.”

Court Merrigan:
Let's see, I'm working on a new novel tentatively called "The Three Days & Nights of Lamar Tilden". Just had a story go up in Plots With Guns  called "The Last Ladder." More stuff coming soon in Weird Tales and Border Noir ... also was recently spotted in civilization, e.g., New York City where people were, much to my surprise, courteous, polite, & kind to babies. Who knew?”

Thomas Pluck:
“My story "Acapulcolypse" was published in Nightfalls: Notes from the End of the World, edited by Katherine Tomlinson. And I am finishing a novella for David Cranmer at Beat to a Pulp with mixed martial arts fighters, ninjas, battles on both the European and Pacific fronts of World War 2, street racing and underground fight clubs. The working title is Blade of Dishonor, and it's also a love story. All love stories have evil ancient ninja clans that keep the star-crossed lovers apart, you know. At least when I'm writing.”
Keith Rawson:
Keith Rawson is busy defending his midget oil wrestling championship and is in a fierce feud with the swinging, savory world midget oil wrestling tag team champions, the Madow Sisters, Trudy and Rose.

He's also taken up roller-skating in his Daisy Dukes and knee high rainbow socks (which makes him feel super sexy.) On top of all that, he's drafting a novel, a new short story collection, trying to keep his head above water with various nonfiction deadlines, and somehow still manage to spent time with his family and sleep.”

Chris Leek:
I’m in the Near to the Knuckle anthology with my story ‘Brothers under the Bridge. It’s’ a tale of some bloody revenge in the backwoods.

I’m also in Chris Rhatigan’s All Due Respect anthology with a story called ‘The Honeymooners’. This is some sage advice for all ex-cons on the run about marrying in haste.

Joe has another one of mine lined up for TFFO called ‘Pigeon’ – A Saturday night in the life of a black Jack dealer.

Beyond that it’s all just rumors and pipe dreams.  
The first draft of my Novella featuring my faded and jaded rock star protagonist, Johnny Kool should be in the can by the end of the holidays, I was thinking about going with the title ‘Do whatever you want to the girl, just don’t hurt me’, but then again maybe not.

Apart from that I have five other shorts out on sub.”

Nik Korpon:
“After his brief appearance in Out of the Gutter/s Noir Affliction Interview Series, Nik Korpon’s stock in the crime fiction world has risen dramatically. And let’s be honest here: it’s really because of the appearance in Noir Affliction, due in large part to the masterful hand of Ryan Sayles polishing the turds that are Korpon’s words.

Korpon’s short story “That Pale Light in the West,” originally published in Black Heart Magazine’s Noir Issue (edited by Jimmy Calloway) was adapted into a short film by Julian Grant, aka the man behind A Fuckload of Scotch Tape, based on fiction by Jedediah Ayres. Though his legendary visage was not visible on the screen, the presence of Sayles permeates the film.

Korpon also placed a story called “Polly” in Yellow Mama’s Valentine’s Noir Issue, again thanks to Sayles. The story originally began “It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times,’ at which point Sayles’ hand achieved a state seen only in Ghost Dad and reached through the screen to fix the story. Sayles’ version had to be scaled back, as it would cause readers to spontaneously combust and/or achieve instantaneous Nirvana.

Korpon will also have a story, “Straight Down the Line,” in the Booked. Podcast anthology, though Sayles declined intervening because it was obvious James M. Cain had done it first. Finally, Sayles lent his matchmaking talents to the star-crossed wanderer Korpon and partnered him with his now-agent Brooks Sherman of Fine Print Literary Management. After completing all this, Sayles stretched then got himself his second cup of coffee.”

Yup. Folks, that was 2012. A landmark year. Next week – Isaac Kirkman. What else can I say? Check out his stuff right here on OOTG at the Flash Fiction offensive before we get all up his guts. Your life will be better for it.