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This week's Friday Flicks features more thrilling footage from security cameras. Eighty-five percent of thugs interviewed in prison say they fear an armed would-be victim more than they fear the cops. Want to know why? Just watch below. For even the most dedicated violent scumbag, a squirrelly SOB suddenly going Wyatt Earp, instead of laying on the floor and begging for mercy, can lead to grave doubts about career choices and life philosophies.


Don't like the old man next door owning a friggin' AR-15? Neither do these guys who were about to beat him senseless, do god-knows-what to his poodle and loot his house.... 

All my homies said I didn't have the guts to rob the lady at the 7-11. I proved them wrong, cuz I'm pretty sure those are my guts that bullet just ripped a hole through.

Want to be a disgruntled slasher? Check those websites first that publish the addresses of gun owners and go slashing at the addresses that aren't flagged. Otherwise, you might find yourself, as this Turkish turkey did, bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Little bald jewelry dude happens to be an ex-Marine. Oh, you want all my gold? Sorry, motherfuckers! All that's free today is this LEAD! BAM! BAM! BAM! HA-HA-HA-HA!

That's all for this week, kids. Remember, stock up on pistols, tommy guns, tanks and nukes while you still can, and if you have any dough left over, invest in some fine reading material from one of your favorite independent publishing operations. . . .The best indie publishers, I hear, have letters like G and B in their names.