Gutter Books Novel Submissions

Gutter Books is about to reopen submissions. Dedicated editors are on the job, a reading period has been designated and guidelines are laid out. Get ready to get involved because we plan to shake things up in 2013!

By Matt Louis

Matt, the Gutter editor here with big news from headquarters. Joe Clifford, Court Merrigan, Tom Pitts and myself will be fielding novel submissions during the period and according the guidelines outlined here.

If you're a regular visitor to this site, or a longtime reader of Out of the Gutter, you probably have a pretty good idea what we're looking for as far as style and subject matter are concerned. If you want to do a little research, we've combined our first two original novels into one eBook, available here. (Even if you're not planning on submitting, these are two hard-hitting little novels, well worth the price of admission.) You can also get a pretty good idea of the whole madcap, violent Gutter mentality by ordering some back issues of the original zine. (Since these were produced in old fashioned, limited-edition print runs and aren't available anywhere else, they may be valuable as collectibles as well as world-class bathroom entertainment. Just sayin'.) And, of course, by clicking there at the top right, you can get the latest compilation of incredible Gutter material, gleaned right from this site, masterfully organized for your convenience and pleasure, with never-before-seen extras included.

Guidelines, once again, are right here. Hit us with your most brilliant, brutal work. All of our novels will be produced in print and eBook, with full support from our editorial mafia, with top-notch presentation, and with the intention of making a splash, advancing your writing career, and making everyone rich.