John Gilmore - On the Run with Bonnie & Clyde

Gutter associate John Gilmore's new book is an exploration of the fast lives and tragic deaths of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

“If you’re going to read one book on Bonnie and Clyde, this is it — the most definitive work that brings the reader to the gritty reality of the era.” — Marshall Terrill, bestselling author

Decades in the making, On the Run with Bonnie & Clyde is a fast moving, gut-wrenching, highly original exploration by author Gilmore into the lives and death of the “star-crossed lovers,” Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, undying icons of American crime. Breaking away from the usual police-blotter procedurals, this new work delves into the personalities and nature of these notorious outlaws. In his unique and uncompromising style, Gilmore places the reader squarely inside a succession of stolen cars on a dusty, two-year, devil-take-the-high road spree of robberies, shoot-outs and murder—all the way to its infamous end in a torrent of bullets and blood. In this relentless narrative, Gilmore presents a controversial, critical view of the unlawful ambush murder of Bonnie Parker, that left 41 bullet holes in her small body and crippled leg. She was never officially accused of a violent crime.

Described by the Sydney Morning Herald as the “quintessential L.A. noir writer,” John Gilmore has been acclaimed internationally for his hard-boiled true crime books, his literary fiction and Hollywood memoirs. His works have garnered praise from, among many others, director David Lynch, music legend Genesis P’Orridge, author Gary Indiana, and the late William S. Burroughs. Author and journalist Lawrence Grobel says of On the Run with Bonnie & Clyde, “…the most exciting peeling-away of the human layers of two of the most infamous crime figures in American history… For the first time, we are truly taken inside these notorious characters.”