Review: Camaro Run by Sam Hawken

Chris Leek
Independent Reviewer

The topic of hot, gun-toting chicks riding motorcycles is never far from my mind, but rather than bring you the results of my extensive Internet research on the subject, I thought we would take a look instead at Sam Hawken’s new novella, “Camaro Run.”
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When ex-Army medic, Camaro Espinoza blows into Las Vegas, she is only looking for a shower and a cold beer, and maybe a little one night thing with the tall, dark stranger she meets at the blackjack table.   

Camaro sure knows how to pick ‘em and her easy lover turns out to be a bag man for a drug cartel. Things start to get bloody when two gun-thugs show up the following morning and try to help themselves to his mysterious cargo. Ms. Espinoza now finds herself right in the middle of a deal gone wrong and takes off across the Nevada desert on her Harley, unaware that both the cartel and the cops have her in firmly in their sights.  
“Camaro Run” really should be made into a movie as it has all the right ingredients to be a summer blockbuster. The high-octane action races along in a whirlwind of heat and dust, leaving a trail of spent shells and dead bodies in its wake. Hawken’s narrative though is virtually bullet proof and his plotting is super-slick, and although at times I found his dialogue a little stilted, it didn’t detract from what proved to be an immensely enjoyable read.
I am delighted to hear that Sam Hawken is planning further Camaro novellas. The world will always need more books about sexy women on Harleys and Camaro Espinoza is a promising protagonist. She’s smart, beautiful and downright dangerous to know, with just enough mystery to make her intriguing. If the rest of the series are anything like this one, then we can look forward to a hell of a ride.