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By Paul D. Brazill 

This week down Brit Grit Alley I have some Top Tips: Recommended Reads:

Tony Black – His Father’s Son.

'His Father's Son' by Tony Black is cleverly told from two distinct POV's, that of Joey- an ex-pat Irishman living in Australia- and his young son Marti. Joey has taken his family to Australia to escape a painful past back in Ireland but when his troubled wife Shauna runs off with Marti, Joey is forced to confront some unwelcome and uncomfortable truths as he fights to get his family back. Tony Black's first non-crime fiction novel is just as gripping and tightly written as his previous books and packs a powerful emotional punch.

Darren Sant – Moonchild’s Sins.

Darren Sant - author of The Bank Manager & The Bum and the Tales From The Longcroft series - has given us another down-to-earth gem with the first of what promises to be a cracking new series of comic PI yarns. Moonchild's Sins is the immensely enjoyable story of PI Potter a decidedly low-rent PI who lives above a fish and chip shop, and has a fantastic supporting cast, including a Queen/ Led Zep tribute band called Fred Zeppelin, and the city of Stoke itself. Hilarity and social commentary abound. Get it before someone snaps up the TV rights.

Pete Sortwell – The Village Idiot Reviews.

Pete Sortwell gives us the hilarious stories behind the sort of daft product reviews we're used to seeing at places like Amazon. And then, in a stroke of comic genius, he weaves the stories together in a clever sort of sit-com worthy of Ronnie Barker. Smashing stuff.

Roddy Doyle- Jimmy Jazz.

Jimmy Jazz is a funny and touching short story of love, friendship, loyalty and, of course, Jazz as Jimmy - a life long hater of all things 'jazz' -is forced to attend a Keith Jarrett concert. Currently free.

Harry Dunn- One Night In AndalucĂ­a.

This is a tight and action packed short story that serves as a great introduction to Harry Dunn's private eye Jack Barclay. Currently free.

Nick Triplow – The Debt .

The Debt is like an unpublished scene from Nick Triplow's brilliant debut novel Frank's Wild Years. A short sharp vignette that is set in a launderette.  The Debt is a great taster for Triplow's cracking novel. Currently free.

  There'll be more carryings on down Brit Grit Alley very soon, sorta kinda thing, like.

Paul D. Brazill is the author of Gumshoe, Guns Of Brixton and Roman Dalton - Werewolf PI. He was born in England and lives in Poland. He is an International Thriller Writers Inc member whose writing has been translated into Italian, Polish and Slovene. He has had writing published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime 8,10 and 11, alongside the likes of Ian Rankin, Neil Gaiman and Lee Child. He has edited a few anthologies, including the best-selling True Brit Grit – with Luca Veste. HE BLOGS HERE.