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No Hesitation

Thanksgiving Day is a special time of celebration with family. 

But if you're Cal Marcius, you may want to rethink the celebration, and maybe rethink the family too.

No Hesitation by Cal Marcius

I thought I knew my little brother, but then you never truly know anybody, do you? Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’m out celebrating Harry’s birthday when this guy walks up to me, smashes a bottle on the corner of the bar and stabs me with it. Just like that. One fluid motion. No hesitation. No second thoughts.

People are screaming. Running. Shoving each other out of the way. Nobody wants to be near me right now. I press my hand against the side of my neck. I can feel the blood running through my fingers, down my arm.

“Charlie. Fuck. Charlie. Fuck. Fuck.”

Harry’s hysterical. Screaming my name over and over again.

I have to sit down. I feel light-headed. There’s no chair and I slide down against the bar, on the floor, my back against the wood panelling.

My vision goes blurry. Harry has a look on his face I’ve never seen before.

“Don’t you fucking die,” he says. “Don’t you fucking dare.”

He’s up, pushing past people, and out of the bar.

I pull myself up. The barmen try to talk me out of it. Tell me they’re on their way – cops, ambulance, the cavalry.

Someone helps me, walks me outside.

Harry’s on his knees, in the middle of the road, the guy who stabbed me pinned to the ground. About a dozen cars have come to a stop, illuminating the scene in front of them. The guy beneath Harry isn’t moving, not anymore. Harry’s fists are covered in blood.

Nobody stops him. They just stand there, phones in their hands, filming.

When the cops arrive, they draw their guns, telling Harry to get down on the ground. My little brother looks at me and smiles, just before I pass out.

Cal Marcius is a freelance writer and lives in the frozen wastes of northern England. He has been published in Shotgun Honey, Spelk, and Near to the Knuckle, and will be appearing soon in Yellow Mama. Find him on Facebook.