Transparent / The Fugitive Slave Act

I met Peter Mehlman, a former writer for Seinfeld, when I was reading at this years Miami International Book Fair. We were on a panel together. Yada Yada, Shrinkage—I told Peter I should pay him royalties for how often I quote his work.

Looks like Ill owe a little more.

Transplant and the Fugitive Slave Act by Peter Mehlman


Speaking at the penalty phase for Doug, the organ-donor administrator, were former victims of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, leukemia, obstructive uropathy, valvular stenosis, and a once blind girl who invented a digital movie camera that made people look ten pounds thinner.

On a porch with dry rot, Doug’s ex-wife inadvertently said, Your son is in better places.

The Fugitive Slave Act

The tornado spun Myra’s Hyundai through a stop sign. The priest said the Hyundai shows how sensibly Myra lived.

“God’s will . . .” he said.

The chief of police whispered to his smiling wife, “God's will what?”

She said, “Gods will put stop signs in perfect places.”

The chief got the warrant for God’s arrest although the judge said, “He could be miles away by now.” 

Peter Mehlman was a writer for the Washington Post and SportsBeat with Howard Cossell before moving to Los Angeles and becoming a writer on Seinfeld. He recently published his first novel, “It Won’t Always Be This Great.”