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The Blonde on the Beach

Are you ready for summer? Not sure? Then take this helpful quiz, grab

yourself a roll of duct tape and some heavy plastic, and bring on the heat!

The Blonde on the Beach by JP Lundstrom

It was a time of joyous celebration.  He was sixteen years old, and it was almost summertime.  His fairly new driver’s license fit snugly into the billfold that swelled his right back pocket.  The family’s secondary, no, tertiary car, stationed in the seafront parking lot, had been his to drive whenever he wished for four months now.  The molten sunlight poured down on automobiles and people alike, and temperatures were rising.

1. The day would have been perfect, except
 a)    He needed a diversion.
 b)    There were no girls he knew on the beach.
 c)     He felt too lazy for volleyball.
 d)    All of the above.

2. He decided to work on his tan.  Girls love guys with a tan.  Last summer Kelly Brockman couldn’t keep her hands off him.
 a)    He pulled his cap over his face.
 b)    He crossed his arms behind his head.
 c)     He closed his eyes.
 d)    All of the above.

3. Lying in the sand, you can feel the vibration when someone is getting close.  Grains of sand kick up and make a swish! swish! then land with a barely discernible rattle.  He felt someone approaching, lifted his cap to see who it was.  She had beach-blonde hair, streaked by the sun.
 a)    She was tall and tan, with slender, firm legs.
 b)    She was about 28 or 29 years old.
 c)     She was not bad, for an older woman.
 d)    All of the above.

4. Her dark glasses covered her face.  She almost walked by him, but then she stopped, lifted her sunglasses and smiled at him.  She was beautiful.  She had a question.
“Can I borrow one of your cigarettes?”
 a)    He stammered when he tried to answer.
 b)    He spilled most of his cigarettes in the sand.
 c)     He felt the most primal of urges.
 d)    All of the above.

5. She sat down on the sand beside him.  They talked.  He told her he was seventeen, that he would be a senior come fall.  She told him that she had a beach house nearby.  She said her husband had left her there while he tended to business as usual in the city.  “Business as usual” meant his current girlfriend.
 a)    She traced the outline of his lips with her finger.
 b)    She said he had a beautiful mouth.
 c)     She asked him to kiss her.
 d)    All of the above.

6. She leaned into his kisses.  She kissed as if he were the most important thing in her life.
 a)    Her hands explored his body.
 b)    She pushed him back down into the sand.
 c)     She did things with her tongue he had never even thought of.
 d)    All of the above.

7. When they tired of kissing, she held his hand and they walked on the beach.  She asked him if he’d like to see her beach house.  He knew what she meant by that.
 a)    He said yes.
 b)    He tried not to act too nervous.
 c)     He tried not to act too excited.
 d)    All of the above.

8. When they got to the beach house, a lady was waiting in the kitchen.  A housekeeper.  Lou Ella, the blonde called her.  The blonde told her to come back tomorrow. The house keeper looked him over and raised an eyebrow.
 a)    He got embarrassed.
 b)    His face got hot.
 c)     He got sweaty.
 d)    All of the above.

9. The blonde led him into the bathroom.  She turned on the shower and water fell from the ceiling.  They stood in the falling water and kissed.  Then she took him into the bedroom.
 a)    They kissed some more.
 b)    They fucked.
 c)     They fucked some more.
 d)    All of the above.

10. She said they could play a game, where he was a serial rapist and she was his intended victim.  She said the rougher he treated her, the more exciting the sex would be.
 a)    He believed her.
 b)    He hit her.
 c)     He choked her.
 d)    All of the above.

11. A door slammed.  A voice called, “Honey!  I’m home!”  He heard someone sprinting up the stairs.  As the blonde’s husband appeared in the doorway,
 a)    He jumped out of the bed.
 b)    He grabbed his shorts.
 c)     He was still naked.
 d)    All of the above.

12. The blonde started laughing.  The husband laughed, too, and said, “Get lost, kid.  You’ve had your fun for the day.”  The blonde said, “Did you see his face?”
 a)    He was embarrassed.
 b)    He was scared.
 c)     He was mad.
 d)    All of the above.

13. That night he couldn’t sleep.  He went for a drive in his family’s tertiary car and wound up at the beach.  He got out and just walked.
 a)    He didn’t see anything.
 b)    He didn’t hear anything.
 c)     He didn’t know anything happened.
 d)    All of the above.

14. In the morning, a man and woman out for their usual walk on the beach spotted something.  It lay at the edge of the water, rocking back and forth with the waves.  It was the body of a woman.
 a)    She was blonde.
 b)    She had been tall, with slender, firm legs.
 c)     She was about 28 or 29 years old.
 d)    All of the above.

15. It was the blonde.  The housekeeper told the police about the young visitor she’d had.  When the police showed her some pictures from the high school yearbook, they had their man.
 a)    He was young.
 b)    He was stupid.
 c)     He was caught.
 d)    All of the above.

16. It was a speedy trial.  The prosecutor painted the picture of an innocent young housewife attacked, raped, and strangled by a sex-crazed, teenage psychopath.  The jury bought it hook, line, and sinker.
 a)    He would never be a senior.
 b)    He would never be a junior.
 c)     He would always be a jailbird.
 d)    All of the above.

17. It was too much.  He had to get out.  He woke up.
 a)    He was in class.
 b)    He’d been dreaming.
 c)     He’d slept through the final.
 d)    All of the above.

18. He sighed, glad to get that blonde out of his brain.  But he couldn’t.  She sat in front of him, grading test papers.  She asked him:
“Do you need more time?”
 a)    He said no.
He handed in a blank paper.
 b)    He got out of there, fast.
 c)     All of the above.

19. He got in his family’s tertiary car and waited for his hands to stop shaking.  Kelly Brockman waved to him as he drove out of the parking lot, but he didn’t stop.  He needed air.  He headed for the beach.
 a)    He pulled his cap over his face.
 b)    He lay back and crossed his arms behind his head.
 c)     He closed his eyes.
 d)    All of the above.

20. He felt someone approaching.  Grains of sand kicked up and made a swish! swish! landing with a barely discernible rattle.  He lifted his cap.  She had red hair, streaked by the sun.
 a)    She was tall and freckled, with slender, firm legs.
 b)    She was about 26 or 27 years old.
 c)     She was not bad, for an older woman.
 d)    All of the above.

This is the second of JP Lundstrom’s stories to appear in Out of the Gutter. She’s written many short stories and two and a half books, still unpublished. A novella, Adventures of a Young Girl, will be published soon. JP just decided to start writing stories a year ago—give it time.