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Review: Bad Beat by Rob Hart and Alex Segura

Sitting down to review Bad Beat by Rob Hart and Alex Segura leaves me in a compromising position. How do you determine who kicked the most ass in this book when you don’t know who contributed which parts? It’s a bit like determining which parts of the PBJ sandwich was the best … all a matter of personal preference.

This lightening quick read gives you a peek into the world’s of Hart and Segura’s main characters, Ash McKenna and Pete Fernandez respectively. Both authors have new books on the horizon that feature their main characters and this book serves a great purpose of piquing a reader’s interest in what the new books will bring.

Ash is a tough a bad ass with a heart of gold. He is the go-to guy for friends in need and has a tough time not helping them. This time around, he is called to help an old friend, a star college athlete in trouble with a bookie. Ash steps to the plate and will do anything in his power to get his friend out of the hot spot he finds himself in.

Pete Fernandez is one drink away from losing his job as a reporter. His career has hit the shitter and it’s all he can do to keep his head above water. When he hears that a local star athlete may have dirtied his hands by shaving points in games, he sees a chance to get a great scoop. The problem is he may find himself over his head.

Bad Beat reminds me of the Max Fisher novels being penned by Jason Starr and Ken Bruen. Not due to their plots or characters, but more so that you have two authors at the top of their games creating a world that is intriguing and memorable.
The two characters have engaging dialogue and the pacing of the novella is sharp.

So which character is more engaging; the brooding Fernandez or the would-be hero McKenna? Like I said before it’s a matter of personal preference, but one thing is for sure, they are both great as main characters and as supporting cast.

City of Rose by Rob Hart will drop on February 9th and Down the Darkest Street by Alex Segura will drop on April 12th. Pick up this offering ASAP because I guarantee you will want to pick up the initial book to each of these series before you dive into the soon to be released sequels.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Derrick Horodyski