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Review: Debt Crusher, by Michael Pool

Debt Crusher was my introduction to Michael Pool and oh boy am I glad we were introduced! This novella reads like a kick to the balls; it came out of nowhere, left me gasping for air, and it’s gonna take a while until I return to my initial condition.

It will be easier for me to allow the main character, Cam Reynolds, give his own book synopsis: “I’m a debt collector. My job is to convince gamblers who owe money to my boss that they ought to take care of their outstanding debt. I made a mistake last week that involved someone important to (my boss's) new business partners…so (my boss) tried to hand me over to them…for punishment. I didn’t go easy…”

Pool is razor sharp and manages to cut out all extraneous bullshit and just gives us the hard hitting action, tough dialogue, and the plot points that keep you hooked through each page. The book seems to go way too quickly, but it many ways the editing was one of its strengths. While it is a quick read, it never rushed; the plot unfolds at a pace that allows the reader to be immersed, yet not feel like they are missing anything.

All Due Respect has another winner in their lineup and I will be putting my eyes on Pool’s forthcoming short story collection, New Alleys for Nothing Men in the very near future. Speaking of the future, Pool seems to have a very bright one. A lot of people are going to love this one … trust me.

Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Derrick Horodyski.