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No story today! 

Why? We're taking a moment to welcome aboard Hector Duarte Jr. onto our editorial staff. Hector is a stalwart supporter and an old flash fiction aficionado. He's got a degree on the wall from Clifford's alma mater, but we've never asked to see it. Besides, we're not paying him. Hector pays the bills by teaching seventh graders--God have mercy on their impressionable minds. 

As for Mr. Clifford, he's stepping down from his FFO duties as soon as he passes the baton. He's decided to focus more on his job as an acquisitions editor for Gutter. Which requires, well, almost no effort at all, so we're going to assume he's doing what he does best: sitting in his underwear in front of the typer writing kick-ass novels. 

Pitts, as well as faking his own acquisitions gig, will still be at the helm of the Flash Fiction department. He was promised a big raise, but when it came time to pay out, all Matt would promise is that'd he'd be able to push Hector around. Tough to do considering Pitts is in California and Hector is in Florida. 

As for the rest of the Gutter, we'll still be feeding you the Tuesday Reviews with Derrick Horodyski, news and views with special guests like Adlerberg and Iglesias,  BKP when we damn well feel like it, and a movie review or two when Matt ventures back to the theater. Last time he was at the movies, he got into a fistfight with an usher and swore he'd never return. 

All right. That's it. You can all go about your day knowing your online fiction future is in good hands.