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By Paul D. Brazill 


Blanket Of Blood by Eileen Wharton

The gripping first novel in an explosive new crime series.
The body of a baby is found in the woods. But all is not as it seems…
A twisted serial killer is targeting young, pregnant girls.
Senior Investigating Officer, D.I. Gary Blood, must use all his powers of deduction to bring to justice the most sadistic murderer his force has ever seen. A killer unlike any he has hunted before. But Blood has problems of his own. Can he stop his private life interfering with the case?
To find the killer Blood needs to understand the motive. But this is a place full of secrets, where dark pasts lie buried.
Will Blood catch The Crochet Hook killer before it’s too late?
The truth is closer than you think.
Blanket of Blood is the first book in a series of Gary Blood crime novels.
Blanket of Blood is a fast-paced serial killer thriller which will have you gripped from page 1. If you are a fan of authors like Mark Billingham, Adam Croft, Helen Durrant or Angela Marsons, you'll love Blanket of Blood.

The Dead Can’t Talk by Nick Quantrill


How far will Anna Stone, a disillusioned police officer on the brink of leaving her job, go to uncover the truth about her sister’s disappearance?
Approached by Luke Carver, an ex-Army drifter she’s previously sent to prison, he claims to have information which will help her. As
the trail leads from Hull and the Humber’s desperate and downtrodden to its great and good, an unsolved murder twenty-five years ago places
their lives in danger, leaving Stone to decide if she can really trust a man who has his own reasons for helping.

With Deadly Intent by K A Richardson

When Crime Scene Manager, Cass Hunt, is called to a fatal road traffic
collision in the dead of night, not all is as it seems and the last
thing she expects is to end up working on a murder case with DCI
Alex McKay.

More gruesome murders, a dead dog, and a startling revelation has the
whole of the North East Police force reeling. Will they catch him before
his latest prize becomes another victim and he fades into the
shadows once more?

From the tree-line, someone is watching, and he doesn’t like where
the investigation leads. Taking his time, he plans and executes each
kill. He will not rest until his job is complete.
One thing’s for certain, his intent is deadly, he’s dangerous, and he’s
coming for her.

April Skies by Ian Ayris

Sometimes, you don’t know what sort of man you are until you are called upon to protect your family.

Bethnal Green, East London. Nineteen-ninety-one.
John Sissons is out of work, out of friends, and out of luck. Fortune soon smiles upon him, though, and he gets a job in a door factory.
It’s not much, but it’s something.
But as the days go by in the factory, and the layers are peeled away, John realises he didn’t get this job by accident.
His past is exploding in front of his eyes. And when you have a past like the one John has, he knows he’ll be lucky if he makes it out alive.
Every fibre in his body is telling him to run. But John’s had a lifetime of running. Running is no longer an option.
When his sister goes missing, John knows it’s only a matter of time before they come for him.
But he won’t be going down without a fight.
Not this time.

The Shallows by Nigel Bird

Lieutenant Bradley Heap has gone AWOL and taken along his wife and son. They’re managing to cope until a chance encounter with a gang of drug dealers turns their world upside down.

With no money and no contacts, the Heaps are forced underground. It’s a tough path they’ve chosen, but they can cope with anything as long as they stay together as a family unit.

Detective John Locke of Police Scotland joins forces with the Navy police in the search for Heap and his wife on a trail that will take them from the middle of Scotland to the edge of the South Lakes.

The Shallows explores the limits of human endurance and examines how far people will go to protect the ones they love. It is a twisting tale of tension, despair and intrigue that encapsulates the essence of hope. 

Marwick’s Reckoning by Gareth Spark

A man is sat in a bar quietly drinking. He sips at his neat scotch and frowns. Nothing wrong with the booze, he's wondering where his life has gone so wrong. He's been betrayed at every turn by those he has loved and trusted. The fact that they were murderers and gangsters has nothing to do with it. Betrayal hurts and as we all know a wounded animal lashes out.

Marwick takes a last sip of his drink and slams the glass down upon the table. They will pay for their sins, revenge is a dish best served bloody as hell. He stands and strides out of the bar and into the Spanish sunlight. There would be a reckoning.

A man takes a stranger into his house only to unleash a savage lesson from the past. 

Shepherd Butler and his wife Mary are grieving the death of their son Felton to a hunting accident in Vermont. When Shepherd finds a stranger freezing in the forest he offers him a home. The man, Maxwell Heed has suffered personal tragedy when his fiancée was murdered. He becomes part of the family and Shepherd’s nieces, Marigold and Joyce, and his sister Holly, instantly take to Maxwell, who is a sincere and religious man, seeking to understand the nature of forgiveness. The father of Shepherd’s nieces, Dwight Fisher, ran off years ago and Shepherd takes an active part in their lives. Maxwell feels like another family member. He tells Shepherd and Mary of the man who killed his fiancée. 

Temple Jones is a dangerous psychopath who preys on women. He has escaped justice. Maxwell fears he has followed him to Vermont. Shepherd tries to allay Maxwell’s fears. Maxwell disappears leaving a note saying he has seen Temple Jones. Then Temple Jones turns up. 
Using the natural beauty of Vermont as a backdrop to the action, the novel explores forgiveness and our understanding of one another. It explores family relations and the mind of a psychopath. A psychological crime novel about the past, the nature of justice, family secrets, the nature of forgiveness, revenge, identity, hunting and predation. 

The Last Laugh by Paul D. Brazill

From France, to Spain, to the north east of England, hit men, gangsters, corrupt cops, drunks, punks, and petty thieves all tumble toward the abyss. The stories in The Last Laugh are vivid and violent slices of Brit Grit and international noir, full of gaudy characters and dialogue sharp enough to cut your throat. The Last Laugh is a violent and blackly comic look at life through a shot glass darkly. 

There'll be more carryings on down Brit Grit Alley very soon, sorta kinda thing, like.

Paul D. Brazill is the author of books like Last Year's Man, Guns Of Brixton, Small Time Crimes, and Kill Me Quick! He was born in England and lives in Poland. He is an International Thriller Writers Inc member whose writing has been translated into Italian, German and Slovene. He has had writing published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime. He has even edited a few anthologies, including the best-selling True Brit Grit – with Luca Veste. His blog is here.