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Review: BOMB! by Les Edgerton

I reread Les Edgerton’s Bomb this weekend and I was blown away. 

“Wait!” you are crying, “Bomb is a new release and you read it twice?”  I actually read it years ago when it was titled The Perfect Crime (after all, if you aren’t reading Edgerton who the hell are you reading?). While the years have erased my recollection of the story, I can tell you The Perfect Crime was my first introduction to Edgerton and I have devoured everything he has published since then. The Perfect Crime was tight in plot, the characters were real, and the story kicked-ass. Impossible as I would have thought it to be, Gutter Books has tightened the edges even further, streamlined parts here and there, and have released this beautifully written slice of noir onto an unsuspecting public and it will leave each of you gasping for air.

Reader Kincaid is a badass genius that begins his next plot while incarcerated. He uses the knowledge he gains from other criminals to devise a foolproof (or at least he thinks it is) plan to rob a bank by strapping a bomb to a banker and sit safely on the sidelines. But as his plan starts to unfold, cracks begin to appear and allegiances among Edgerton’s characters are called into question, leaving the reader trying to guess what will happen and who will come out ahead of their adversaries.

Edgerton follows the cardinal writing rule and he writes what he knows. Having been incarcerated, he knows the lingo and the characters and that is what helps his writing jump off the page and come to life. He hooks you from the beginning paragraph and once he has you, he never lets go. He is a master crime writer and he is in prime form here. Edgerton has put out some of the best books of the past few years and deserves more recognition for his ability to get inside his characters and explain their motivations in a manner that leaves you, while not rooting for them, understanding them and being invested in them.

I will ask the question again: If you’re not reading Edgerton, what the hell are you reading? Grab a copy of this book pronto and lose yourself in a killer crime novel.

Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Derrick Horodyski.