I Know What You Did

You can't choose your parents.

Someday, you might have to choose them from a line-up.

I Know What You Did by Earl Javorsky

Yeah, you’re a cute little fucker, standing there in your sky-blue onesie. That’s pretty cool, the way you gripped the bars and dragged yourself up. But now you got to cool it, ’cause you’ll wake your mom and that’ll be fucked up.

What do you mean, “I know what you did?” Hey, you got to shut up now. No, don’t cry. And you don’t know shit.

Okay, what’s up with holding your breath like that, and the red face?

Oh great, I get it. That’s fucking gross, little man.

Why do you keep saying that? What do you think I did?

So you need to be cool now. I’m gonna fire up this little pipe and then maybe we’ll clean you up, yeah?

Don’t ever do this, little man.

And don’t tell your mom.

Okay, really, you got to shut the fuck up. The jumping up and down is funny, but the screaming’s got to stop.

Why do you keep saying that? What did I do? How are you even talking?

I’m gonna go check on your mom now.

Or not.

I think I know what I did.

Earl Javorsky is the black sheep of a family of artistic high achievers. After a long stint trying to make it as a musician in L.A. and clawing his way up to mid-level management in the chemical entertainment industry (just about killed him), Earl went back to his first love—writing. He has two very different novels out: Down Solo, an oddball noir tale of a dead junkie PI, and, Trust Me, a more mainstream psychological thriller. Both are described at www.earljavorsky.com. His last bit with FFO was called Cats-Eye. His website is at www.earljavorsky.com.