Review: Goldfinches, by Ryan Sayles

I was introduced to Ryan Sayles when I read The Subtle Art of Brutality (check out my older reviews to find out how much I dug that shit) and I have devoured his short story collection and now his latest, Goldfinches, since then. I have to say, this guy can get inside your head and makes it damn near impossible to put his books down. This latest offering is a kick-ass piece of writing and I devoured it in one sitting.

The plot kicks off in high gear when Carl’s family, on their way to visit Carl's youngest son in the hospital, are abducted during a car jacking. He fights to prevent the robbery, but he is overpowered and left helpless on the side of the road. What appears to be a random act of violence is soon revealed to be a clever ploy to kidnap his wife. The plot goes way beyond a simple crime novel and weaves in some elements of science fiction and is layered in struggles between good and evil, right and wrong, and struggles for salvation.

Sayles has impressed me more with each book I have read. He has a strong sense of plot development and this book raises the suspense with each chapter. Goldfinches starts with a shotgun blast and will have every reader feeling Carl’s pain and panic. The action is full throttle and I found it both enjoyable and impossible to put down.

Sayles appears to have the ability to waive in aspects from different genres, and do it with a poet’s touch. This book is sure to bring fans of his enjoyment and also bring some new readers into his sphere.


Reviewed by Derrick Horodyski.