Prelude to the Massacre

Prelude to theMassacre by Stan Miller is one dark, disturbing trip. The itinerary of depravity featured within this novel are rape, murder, robbery, drug use, white supremacy, prison bitches, kidnapping, assault, and genocide. With a list that deep, there was little chance I wasn’t going to love this book. Indeed, it was one of the best books I have read this year.

The long and short of this book is it follows Lee, who is mistakenly released from prison years early, as he tries to stay off the police’s radar while still satisfying his darkest yearnings. He hooks up with his cousin Jeff, a disfigured war veteran with dreams of racial and religious purity for the world, and they murder, rape, and pillage their community. Both characters have psychotic impulses and they feed off of each other. Their taste for crime intensifies as they progress to murder and finally they begin to plan a genocide of the Jewish people who attend a local church.

There is so much more going on in this novel than what meets the eye. It has a timely feel to it due to the fact it seems to feed off the resentment some groups have towards other; a sentiment we have been witnessing in the US news as of late. I am not sure if it’s a horror novel, a crime novel, or a warning about what many be simmering just below in the society we all spend our time within on a daily basis, but I do know that it's a prophesy on the incredible writing career that Miller has in front of him. He has penned a novel that is timely and begs to be read and dissected.

This is the type of novel that you find you lose hours to while you read it and you rue the moment you have completed it. This book is everything I look for in dark noir and Stan Miller has my full attention. All Due Respect has published a book that fits beautifully into their catalog of dark fiction. Very rarely do you find a debut book that is a must-read, but you have one here. Grab a copy and enjoy.

Highly Recommended.
Reviewed by Derrick Horodyski.