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Review: Only Bones, by Daniel Vlasaty

My buzz is gone and I’m on edge.
I’m nothing without the amphetamine in my body.
I’m only bones.

All Due Respect is making a habit of putting new authors on my radar and reinforcing the fact there are some great authors publishing books for today’s lover of noir fiction. One of their latest offerings, Only Bones by Daniel Vlasaty is a dark, violent book that displays a wonderful economy of lyrical words that paints a great mood of despair and hopelessness for the drug addicted main character, Daniel, a bicycle messenger who gets caught up in a situation well beyond his control.

When Daniel finds his drug usage exceeds his money making ability, he decides to work off his debt to his dealer by picking up packages for him, regardless of their content. The only problem with his plan is during his first pickup and delivery, he gets tangles up with a jacked up drug dealer who sets his own rules and two bent police officers who target drug dealers and other lowlifes to get drugs and money for themselves. Daniel finds himself teaming up with his drug dealer, Lawrence in a quest to rid themselves of the opposing dealer and the bent cops.

Vlasaty proves that he can paint the bleakest picture of the city, the characters, and the mood of drug addicts with no hope of getting ahead. I found myself rereading particular paragraphs and whole chapters just to really let his choice of words sink in and paint its grey, dreary picture in my mind.  Vlasaty creates characters who start in the dregs of society and, while having no desire to do so, couldn’t climb out of the gutter even if they triedWhile his characters are destined for darkness, Vlasaty has a bright, bright future. . I was floored by this book and recommend it with no reservations.

Highly Recommended.
Reviewed by Derrick Horodyski.