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Twelve Daze of Christmas


Hey, it's Tom Pitts-whipping boy Hector, here. As you know, a few months back Tom and Joe Clifford snuck off to the summit of a Peruvian mountain where they gorged on ayahuasca, came back, and offered me a position as co-editor. I'm still waiting for their long, strange trip to end, have them come to their senses, and tell me to hit the road. 

For now, I'm still here and haven't stopped bugging Tom over the last few weeks to let me try something new with the site. Remember Chester and Spike? Something like that. 

I guess I was enough of a bug in his ear that he finally gave in and let me indulge in The Twelve Daze of Christmas.

It's pretty simple. In the twelve days leading up to Christmas, we're going to publish one holiday-themed flash story a day right up until the 25th. Because in The Gutter, we're all about bringing yuletide cheer. 

So, submit your holiday-themed stories today. Submission guidelines are pretty much the same as always, except for the following, which are VERY important:

1) Stories must be holiday-themed.
2) We will not be accepting anything longer than 700 words. (It's a bit of work reading, editing, and publishing stories twice a week, let alone every day for a short stretch. [I may wear out my welcome here, folks]).

Aside from that, go to town. Show us what you got. Choke someone with Christmas lights, stick a dreidel in someone's eye, or spike the eggnog with rat poison. Point is, have fun, but, please, remember to do it in under 700 words. 

When you submit, make sure to let us know, (either in the title or the body of your message), that you want this to be considered for the Twelve Daze of Christmas. We'll select the best twelve and get back to you. 

If you don't make the cut, buck up. There's always next year. (Fingers crossed).

Looking forward to see what pops out of you maniacs' heads. Cheers. ~ Hector.