Review: No Happy Endings, by Angel Colon

Anytime you hear the news that Angel Luis Colon is publishing something, be it a short story or a novella, if you are a lover of noir or dark fiction, you are running to get a copy of the novella or the anthology the short story will be published in. You do this because everyone knows if Colon writes it, it will kick ass.

Colon has been on a roll recently, publishing a few short stories and putting out a new novella, No Happy Endings. I have read all the short stories, loving each one and as good as they were, I am here to tell you he saved his best for this novella.

I found this to be a bit different than the offerings I have previously enjoyed from Colon. This was less dark than his normal writings, instead it’s a caper story with a heroine, Fantine Park, looking to pull off a robbery she's blackmailed into. Colon dishes out a few twists and turns and we soon find Park being forced to serve a new master, as the Sword of Damocles hangs over her head throughout this fast paced book. While she comes from a family of thieves, she finds her lock picking skills aren’t the best set of skills to keep her and her father alive when she is forced to align with a true madman.

It is oversimplifying the plot to define it only as a caper; there is sly humor mixed in and the how the title relates to the story is sly humor at its best. Anyone who can construct a true villain with the nickname “The Milkman” and have the nickname be so appropriate is a writer I am going to be looking out to read for a long time in the future. Colon has a great knack for creating fast paced, well-written stories and his novellas are following suit. I am eagerly looking forward to more from him and you should grab this one as soon as possible. Just don’t start it without dedicating a few hours, you won’t want to put it down for anything.

Highly Recommended.
Reviewed by Derrick Horodyski.