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Review: Dangerous Ends, by Alex Segura

Ever since I was a kid, one of my favorite magic tricks has been when the magician takes 3 different colored scarves, pushed them into the palm of their hand, says some magic words, and pulls out one long scarf that has all three of the scares linked together. One time, I witnessed a magician who pulled out one scarf that had all three of the original scares intertwined in a tie-die design, one scarf bleeding seamlessly into the rest. This image kept coming to mind as a read Alex Segura’s latest release in the Pete Fernandez series, Dangerous Ends.

Segura has seamlessly blended three different plots into one kick-ass books that has Segura’s writing talents on full display. The plot lines intertwine and diverge with a poet’s touch and each plotline could make its own sharp novella.

The reader gets to follow the lineage of the Fernandez family tree as Pete’s grandfather begins the family journey in Cuba, as Fidel Castro and his henchmen take power. He escapes Cuba and heads to Miami where the Fernandez family puts down roots. We follow the story as tragedy hits the family and we see where the honor of the family comes from and what drives them to be better men.

We also follow Pete as he attempts to help his partner, Kathy, figure out if a man long ago convicted of murdering his wife is guilty, or was framed for the crime. They look into all facets of the crime as they prepare to write a book on the case, but they are meant with potential violence at all turns as they get closer to the truth some people want to keep buried.

We also witness Pete’s sense of honor shine through as he investigates the murder of his former wife’s second husband. Pete initially decides he has too much on his plate looking into the murder case, but his desire to always do the right thing by the people he loves drives him to take on this investigation as well.

Segura handles all these plot lines with the skills of a veteran author and has them all have meaning as the book concludes. His ace in the hole of this novel is the humanity he brings to Fernandez. Fernandez is struggling to stay sober, struggling to live up to his father’s legacy, and struggling to not let himself or his loved ones down. The battles he faces are battles most people can relate to, albeit on a scale that doesn’t involve tracking down murderers, dirty cops, or dodging threats at every turn.

This book is a great addition to this series and showcases Segura’s expert plotting, great character development, and great sense of atmospheric writing. I would recommend reading the series in order, as this book does contain spoilers from the preceding books in the series.