Gutteral Screams!

Today in The Gutter: 

A special seasonal announcement.

Gutteral Screams!!!

It's that time of year! When the kids prep to go back to school while parents gouge eyes and trample each other for the cheapest pack of duotang folders at Costco.

Guess what else is creeping up? Halloween! Around here, it might as well be Christmas. 

Because I'm the newbie who likes to tack more work on everyone's shoulders--sorry, Rob--we're running a special October series at The Flash Fiction Offensive that we're calling Gutteral Screams. 

In October, we'll run two stories a week on Mondays and Thursdays as usual, and an extra story on Halloween, which falls on a Tuesday.

The difference here is we're only looking to publish Halloween fare during the month. This doesn't mean your story has to take place during Halloween. It means we want slashers, ghosts, monsters, ghouls, and goblins. Get weird. Get gritty. Go to town! Just make sure it's a good story. 

If you submit, please be sure you let us know it's for the Gutteral Screams series. Word count is still 1000-max and please be sure to send a short bio. . . you know the drill. 

There will be ten posts in October for this series. We will stop accepting submissions on Friday, September 29th. 

We'll let you know when we've accepted all ten. Now, get writing, have fun, and send us your best.