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The Twelve Daze of Christmas!!!

Our Holiday Spectacular is back! 

Can you smell cordite in the air?

The Twelve Daze of Christmas by Bad-ass writers

Hello, everyone. It was an amazing Halloween, with a lot of fun pieces submitted and published. 

Now, guess what? It’s that time of year again. Where I impose my newbie over-eagerness to throw a seasonal monkey wrench into the FFO works while Rob Pierce plots how best to get me to ingest some cyanide-spiked eggnog.

The Twelve Daze of Christmas is back! When we post stories about holiday insanity. We’re looking for Santa Claws, folks! The nitty-gritty. During these last two months of the year, petty crimes and suicides spike. Show us why. You got 700 words; use them wisely to give us a view of the holidays from deep in the gutter. Shock us, gross us out, do what you must. Most importantly, though, entertain us.

“Just seven hundred words!” you exclaim. Well, we’re posting these on twelve consecutive days, so we need some leeway. Besides, who doesn’t like a challenge?
Keep it tight, criminal, and compelling. Give Rudolph a black eye, shove a dreidel in someone’s eye (yes, Hanukkah is fair game too. Come one, come all.), and give us a good read to cozy up to the fireplace with while downing a tall glass of stout.

Acceptances begin right away, just please be sure to keep it under 700 words. We’re being strict with this. Anything over will not be read.  When submitting, please let us know you want it to be considered for the Twelve Daze of Christmas series and send us a short bio along with the entry. Thank you, one and all. 

Happy, slappy holidays!