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Review: Slaughterhouse Blues, by Nick Kolakowski

I recently tore through Nick Kolakowski’s latest installment in the Love & Bullets trilogy, Slaughterhouse Blues and I am here to bear witness to his ability to suck any reader back into the world of Bill and Fiona, the engaging main characters of the trilogy. This time Bill and Fiona are looking to stay a step ahead of a gang of thugs and assassins, running through the landscapes of Cuba, Nicaragua, and the US.

Bill’s penchant for stealing for anyone he can has come back to haunt him once again. Having stolen money from the Rockaway Mob, while also crossing the group that was protecting him from the mob’s retribution, Bill and Fiona are forced to elude the mob and their hired assassins, a pair of seemingly benign couple.  
This installment of the trilogy has lots of action and fight scenes. At times it felt a bit heavy with only a few pages of storyline advancement before a new battle erupted, but that’s just a small nitpick on my end. The battles do show us the ruthlessness and toughness of Fiona throughout the book and we see Bill really come into his own as a tough guy. He emerges as a man who is recognizing life as a fugitive is not a fun life that allows his to indulge his taste for finer things, instead he is forced to stay alert and on his toes at all times.

With great character growth throughout, this most recent installment in the trilogy offers lots of action, fun, and has piqued my interest in reading the final installment upon its release. This offering has lots of action and plenty of laugh out loud moments, the same recipe which made the first book so much fun. This is well worth your time.