Bad-Ass Books with Derrick Horodyski: FUGITIVE RED by Jason Starr

While I’ve never read and studied the Traditional Masters of the genre, in my eyes, Jason Starr is the czar of noir.

His first six books follow the generally-accepted classic attributes of noir—they feature flawed main characters who start out as less than successful … and slowly sink even lower.

I was first introduced to noir by reading Starr’s TWISTED CITY, and fell in love with noir in general and Starr in particular as a result.

But I felt the books that followed TWISTED CITY were all good, not great books. These books had a more polished feel and seemed geared towards a mainstream audience. They also struck me as “thrillers” rather than noir. 

Although I enjoyed all his later books, news that Starr was returning to the crime fiction genre had me salivating to dig into his newest book FUGITIVE RED. And I found the wait worthwhile.

While perhaps not quite on the same plane as his earlier noir novels, FUGITIVE RED follows Starr’s earlier familiar formula. Jack Harper is in a loveless, soulless marriage. A friend clues him into an app for married people looking to have discreet sexual affairs. Jack decides to sample some goods himself—then cue his entire world falling apart.

Written in a voice I find easy to relate to, the book sets a blistering pace and never eases off the throttle. I hope this isn’t a one-and-done return to the noir scene. I find Starr’s voice a welcoming experience when he writes in this genre.

Highly Recommended.

Like many of us who live in The Gutter, badass Crime-lover Derrick Horodyski lives his Life on-the-lam tryin’ to avoid the Man. Derrick took ta doin' book reviews for Flash Fiction Offensive in the summer of 2015, when he hooked up with hey-day Miscreant editor Tom Pitts. Derrick ain't a professional writer. And don't get paid neither. If he buys a book and he don't like it then he don't say shit. But if he digs a book? He kindly wants the author and the rest of us crime-lovin' hooligans to know! The best ways to reach Derrick are by smoke signals or carrier pigeons.