Publisher Jesse Rawlins Introduces Gut-Shots: Short stories that pack punch

Not all tales can be told in a thousand words or less. So we're introducing Gut-Shots—stories in the 2k-range that hit folks one of three key ways: 1) Their humor makes us “bust a gut” 2) Their dark edge kicks us “in the gut” or 3) The subject matter makes our “gut feel queasy.”

Gut-shots are like FFO’s older brother—who just got outta prison—so he’s got lots a reasons to make up for lost time.

Short-term we're presenting Gut-Shots by "invitation only." We'll be launching with Chris Roy and his suspense-thriller "Marsh Madness" on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. And we’ve got tales by Matt Phillips, Mark Westmoreland, and Roy Dorman strainin’ to break loose from the barn.

We’re shootin’ to make Gut-Shots a regular feature. So once you gotta taste? If you’ve written for Flash Fiction Offensive—and you know us and we know you? Feel free to send us a query at:

Meanwhile Flash Fiction Offensive will maintain its historical 1,000-word max cap. You can find FFO’s current 2019 Guidelines and Submissions here:

See you in The Gutter!

We-3-Miscreant Editors,

Jesse Heels Rawlins
James “Jim” Shaffer
Mick Rose