Flash Fiction Offensive crime authors Nick Kolakowski and Travis Richardson nominated for 2019 Derringer Awards

Hey folks, Jesse here. 
Pleased to share the news that crime authors Travis Richardson and Nick Kolakowski have been nominated for Derringer Awards in the Flash Fiction category by the Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS).
Nick's story "Sonny The Wonder Beast" and Travis's suspense tale "A Misunderstanding" both published here at Flash Fiction Offensive in 2018 during crime author Hector D. Junior's editorial tenure.
These stories proved very well-received by readers, and neither of these writers are strangers to FFO. Nick's fun story "Auditions"—the first tale I ever read by him—appeared at FFO in September 2017. And he writes some of the finest author interviews around over at Shotgun Honey.
Travis's tale "A Misunderstanding" was one of last year's top draws. FFO publishes many kinds of stories, and when supplementing our Submissions Guidelines in February, I included Travis's story as an example of the kind of tales me and my miscreant editorial crew are looking for. So hot damn—it's great to see our tastes validated. And we look forward to having Nick and Travis back.
Kudos also to all the Derringer Award nominees in all of SMFS's categories. The hard-working folks at SMFS, currently under the leadership of Kevin Tipple, have been awarding Derringer's since 1998. You can find a full list of current Derringer noms at the link below.
Meanwhile, I talked to Hector Duarte, Jr. last week. Hector says things is goin' well—butt he's shifted most of his activities to Twitter. So if you're lookin' to show him some love his Twitter handle is @hexpubs
Care ta read "A Misunderstanding," "Sonny The Wonder Beast," and "Auditions?" Then you're in luck! We've included these links below, as well as Travis's 2015 FFO classic, "How I Got Into The Navy." Both these dudes have authored books, too—and you can check them out on Amazon and maybe do some shopping at the links below their stories.
As a reminder ta writers: You can't get nominated for SHIT if you don't SUBMIT. So what are ya waitin' for? Here's our Guidelines and Magic Submission Portal. Cheers y'all