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Bad-Ass Books with Derrick Horodyski: FIGHTING TALK by Martin Stanley

If I were king, Martin Stanley’s name would be on everyone’s must read list. His Stanton Brothers thriller novels pack a helluva punch. Eric plays the mastermind while his brother provides the muscle. Always on the prowl for a score, they’ll risk almost anything for a big payday—and their brotherly spats are funny.

In Stanley’s latest, FIGHTING TALK, the brothers are once again doing business for their loan shark boss. In this adventure the Stantons are trying to collect a late payment from an eye-catching beauty. But this dame’s got more than her fair share of dangerous curves. And the brothers quickly become ensnared with a dog fighting ring, drug addicts, and gangsters galore. Just a day in the life for them.

Readers will likely encounter more violence in this book than they would in a single author’s entire series. From crushed bones to destroyed kneecaps, bloody violence practically leaks from its pages. While this may not be everyone’s cup of red or black tea, I found FIGHTING TALK one of the most entertaining adventures in the Stanley series—and one of the more entertaining books I’ve read in a while.

If Stanley becomes a new taste for your reading palate, I hope you’ll let me know.

Highly Recommended.

Like many who live in The Gutter, badass Crime-lover Derrick Horodyski lives his Life on-the-lam tryin’ to avoid the Man. Derrick took ta doin' book reviews for Flash Fiction Offensive in the summer of 2015, when he hooked up with hey-day Miscreant editor Tom Pitts. Derrick ain't a professional writer. And don't get paid neither. If he buys a book and he don't like it then he don't say shit. But if he digs a book? He kindly wants the author and the rest of us crime-lovin' hooligans to know! The best ways to reach Derrick are by smoke signals or carrier pigeons.