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Not Beau's Book Nook: Quick Takes on KILL ME QUICK by Paul D. Brazill

During warm-weather months (when he ain’t busy killin’ his characters), Canadian crime author Beau Johnson is often found entertaining guests at Grand River Cruises in Ontario. This year Mr. Johnson partnered with crime publisher Down and Out to make some real hot books available for sale to the Grand’s cruising and dining visitorsin a display he calls “Beau’s Book Nook.”

Beau dropped by The Gutter this week to grab a crate of zip ties and drop off some blood-stained shovels. He also left a box labeled, KILL ME QUICK. Inside we found a video … and a lone piece of paper. When we sat down to watch the vid, we were expectin’ either a snuff film or a hostage video.

Turns out we were wrong. What we had in our hands was praise for Brit Grit author Paul D. Brazill’s crime book KILL ME QUICK. So welcome to “Not Beau’s Book Nook.” We hope you’ll check this out.

Oh. And that lone piece a paper we mentioned? A copy of the 5-Star Review Beau originally left on Goodreads. To everyone here in the U.S. best wishes for a great-n-safe Fourth of July weekend. And, oh, again. If the rumors we heard are true, Mr. Messy Business Jason Beech has got Mr. Paul D. Brazill chained in a secret basement—and is expected to reveal some of Paul’s deep secrets—most likely in late July. 

Beau Johnson’s Goodreads Review

Kill Me Quick is full of many things: thugs, alcohol, pop culture references, but it's the easy, breezy-ness of it all that Brazill excels at. His main character, Mark Hammonds, being a man who not only survives situations he maybe should not, but likes a good conversation and a pint. Seriously, what could go wrong from there? Also: who doesn't like the smell of peaches in the morning? Anyway, go on, get some. Have yourself a good time. Go forth. Seek out. Purchase and enjoy.

Beau Johnson's stories are usually published on the darker side of town. He is the author of A Better Kind Of Hate, The Big Machine Eats, and in the spring of 2020, All Of Them To Burn. Hit him up on Twitter @beaujohnson44 where he'll be sure to bore you with a combination of book selfies and "previously, on Beau." You can also visit him on Goodreads.