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Not Beau's Book Nook: Quick Takes on CROSSWISE by S.W. Lauden

Well, mysterious happenings continue. Canadian crime author Beau Johnson stopped by The Gutter again last night. This time he dropped off a toaster, a chain saw, and an electric tooth brush. An electric tooth brush? Not sure what he plans to do with that. But we sure as hell wouldn't brush our teeth with the fucker ... no telling whose nostrils those bristles have cleaned if Bishop Rider was involved.

Mr. Johnson also gifted us another video, wrapped in a crossword puzzle. Only one answer to the crossword had been filled in red pencil: LAUDEN. The crossword clue? Los Angeles crime author known as both S.W. and "Steve" who's penned the crime capers CROSSWISE and CROSSED BONES, as well as the Greg Salem punk rock Private Investigator series, and the Power Pop Heist THAT'LL BE THE DAY. Alongside crime author Eric Beetner, S.W. also co-hosts the podcast Writer Types.

So welcome back to another edition of Not Beau's Book Nook. Maybe next time Mr. Johnson will gift us a Popcorn Maker.

Beau Johnson’s Goodreads Review

Crosswise by S.W. Lauden is a fun time. A breezy tale. This is not to say Tommy Ruzzo's adventure is a story without stakes. No, Lauden is just so damn readable, and I enjoyed the way Steve pulled me along. I mean, two sittings and boom, I was done. I look forward to the next in the series. Highly recommend.
Beau Johnson's stories are usually published on the darker side of town. He is the author of A Better Kind Of HateThe Big Machine Eats, and in the spring of 2020, All Of Them To Burn. Hit him up on Twitter @beaujohnson44 where he'll be sure to bore you with a combination of book selfies and "previously, on Beau." You can also visit him on Goodreads.