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Update: FFO's 2019 October, November & December Publishing Schedule

Greetings Ladies, Gents, and Miscreants!

We'd like to thank all the writers who submitted Speculative Fiction & Halloween-themed Gutteral Scream stories this year. We've now CLOSED submissions for 2019 Gutteral Screams (though we're still working with writers who kindly sent their stories before the deadline). 

Our fiction story publishing calendar for 2019 is filling fast. We've already filled 7 out of 13 potential slots for October—as well as 5 out of 12 possible slots in December. November 2019 will be dedicated to Flash Fiction Offensive's mind-boggling 11th Anniversary Celebration. 

As a reminder to writers: The submissions deadline for both our 12 Daze of Christmas 2019 and our traditional Flash Fiction Offensive stories is Monday, November 4, 2019. Unlike the fine and competent folks at Shotgun Honey we will NOT be reading any submissions during the month of December. 

So we encourage you to launch what we call "Muse Abuse." Grab your favorite cattle prod, Louisville Slugger, claw hammer, brick, appliance—or anything else that's handy—and give your "fickle Muses" some good 'ol Gutterly Incentives!

Some of the October and December stories we've already accepted include our recently-created Gut-Shots (we think of them as Flash Fiction Offensive's meaner older brother: they swing more words and deliver more kicks). While we presently continue to publish Gut-Shots by Invitation Only, if you've been published at FFO in the past—and you know us an we know you? Please feel free to drop us a note at:

Meanwhile, heartfelt thanks to everyone for the time you've spent here at The Gutter this year! (And in years past!) We appreciate the Facebook Likes from all of you who've recently stumbled into The Gutter as well!

Your 2019 Miscreant FFO Editors
Jesse "Heels" Rawlins
James "Jim" Shaffer
Mick Rose