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Submissions are Closed until January 20, 2020: Thank you all submitting Writers!

On behalf of Flash Fiction Offensive (FFO) editors past and present, we'd like to thank all you writers out there who've submitted on hands-n-knees and shared your tawdry tails with us over the past 11 years. Ooops. Typo. We meant tales. You know ... stories.

FFO has now Closed Submissions for the remainder of 2019. Submissions are scheduled to Re-Open on Monday, January 20, 2020.

Meanwhile? We luv ya to DEATH. That's our Assurance. If you're not completely Satisfied? Please let us know. We'll keep working at it until you are. Dead that is.

Your 2019 Miscreant FFO Editors,

Jesse "Heels" Rawlins
James "Jim" Shaffer
Mick Rose

Former Bad-Ass FFO Editors

Beau Johnson
Hector Duarte, Jr.
Rob Pierce
Joe Clifford
Tom Pitts
David Barber
Bryon Quertermous
Rey A. Gonzalez (FFO's Original Bad-Ass)