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We are looking for, as the old Gutter guidelines put it, "well-written, fucked up stuff." This means nicely constructed stories in which things--that is, bad things--happen; stories that test boundaries and give readers something to think about while taking readers from A to B without getting lost.

We have little patience for stories that are not rooted in some kind of recognizable, comprehensible reality. Crime fiction, broadly defined, tends to fit the bill. But we are willing to define crime fiction so broadly that it may take place in the time of Genghis Khan or in the American West in 1872. And if you have something that is not crime fiction, but is clever, edgy, violent, demented, etc., bounce it off us.

If you're unsure what all this means, check out some print issues of Out of the Gutter or research some fiction posted on this site.

Submissions Are Open!

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Bareknuckles Pulp is no longer taking submissions!

Flash fiction (between 100 and 1,000 words) will be reviewed by Joe Clifford and staff.

We're looking for pieces with serious punch, and with relatively low word-counts. Anything will be considered, but we'd like it short enough so people actually read it. The 800-words-or-less range is a good jumping-off point.

Reviews, opinion, etc.:
We especially need movie and book reviews that pertain to material in the crime fiction genre, or that deal with popular culture, and we welcome any commentary, opinion and analysis of current events, as long as the offering is in keeping with Gutter sensibilities.

If you're funny, any sort of parody, outright meanness or other humor is always a good thing.

Send questions, article submissions, or regular feature submissions here.

Just a reminder:
Sloppy work will be ignored. Read your stuff a few times, look for errors and awkward spots, and fix them. Help us and yourself by taking pains to avoid the 20 most common grammar errors.