Editors' Books

Moondog Over The Mekong
by Court Merrigan

MOONDOVER OVER THE MEKONG: stories of guns, gambling, girls and general mayhem that redraw the borders of crime. This globe-spanning collection rockets you from dirt-road trailer parks to the slums of Bangkok, the gangster underbelly of Tokyo to a postapocalyptic Old West. There's girls on the run from Russian mobsters in the sex capital of Asia while a retiring crank cooker's ill-gotten fortune goes up for grabs on a Wyoming backroad. And a whole lot of territory in between. These ain't your typical crime stories.

Choice Cuts
by Joe Clifford

Clifford’s debut short story collection Choice Cuts mines the fractured territory of the marginalized, misanthropic, and short-changed. From morally bereft television producers desperate for a hit, to veterans suffering psychotic splits, Clifford delves into the madness and desperation that plague those living on the edge, while never surrendering the search for the light that guides us all. In these fast-paced, hard-hitting tales of ne’er-do-wells, addicts, and gangsters, two predominant themes emerge throughout the collection: human life frequently reduced to little more than pieces of meat, and the bad choices we often make to escape that fate, however good our intentions.

by Tom Pitts

When two young girls disappear with a trunk-load of pot, unaware that their payload has been packed with an extra five kilos of cocaine, a lovable loser persuades a sociopathic killer to pursue them across Northern California in a violent, twisted goose-chase that ends in a horrific place none of them could have forseen.

The Wrong Man
by William Ingsley

"THE WRONG MAN is a short, fast trip down the road to hell with prose as hard as a hammer. If your reading diet requires something tough and bloody, here it is. Grab it. "

—Bill Crider

"A first-rate, fly-through-the-pages freakshow that left me longing for a bit longer with William Ingsley's hardboiled heroes."

—Tony Black, author of TRUTH LIES BLEEDING

"A wicked, tight and thrilling tale of a man trapped by best intentions"

—Charlie Stella, author of JOHNNY PORNO

The Subtle Art of Brutality
by Ryan Sayles

The girl has gone missing. Again. But this time people are trying to kill her. Trying to burn down everything she has touched or left behind. The girl’s surrogate father feels responsible and to assuage his guilt he hires Richard Dean Buckner, former Saint Ansgar homicide detective turned private eye to ferret her out.

Buckner was doing fine as a bare-knuckles detective for the PD until he was rendered “unserviceable” by a hit attempt. Early retirement doesn’t sit well with that type of man, half predator and half savior. He takes the case and all Buckner is going to need is guts, instinct and his .44 magnum to finish the job.

Because in Saint Ansgar, what doesn’t kill you only makes you wish it did.